Luxurious 50minute couples massage

Luxurious 50-Minute Couples Massage 50 minutes

Price: €130



Choose one of the following 50-Minute Massage types and sink into blissfulness with your special someone

  • Deep Tissue
  • Full body
  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Indian head
  • Deep retreat

Swedish Massage: A wonderful relaxing and revitalising treatment, Swedish massage specialises in increasing blood circulation and lymph drainage to help dissolve scar tissue adhesions.

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue tend to focus on the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue in the body. Some of the same strokes as classic massage therapy may be used, but the movement is generally slower and the pressure will be deeper and concentrated on the areas where the patient feels tension and pain.

Indian Head Massage: A combination of deep massage techniques and the application of pressure on specific release points to manipulate energy channels and eliminate the build-up of negative energy. This massage helps stimulate, relax and revive the entire head and scalp, as well as body and mind

Deep Retreat: This massage uses slow strokes and deep pressure to work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and restore flexibility. This type of specialist massage focuses on the muscles located below the superficial muscles.

Drift away together and feel each and every muscle in your bodies soothed and rejuvenated as an expert masseuse irons out those pesky knots, helping you to feel freer and relaxed long after the luxurious treatment is over.


A hot stone upgrade is available with this treatment.